Drone Fund



DRONE FUND is the world’s only VC fund dedicated exclusively to investment within the Drone Space. DRONE FUND provides capital investment, operational support, collaborative planning, and regulatory assistance in order to expand the entire Drone space. The image shows the work of Aerodyne, one of the investee companies.


DRONE FUND organizes and participates in events, expos, and trade shows around the world. Here we have highlighted some of the activities DRONE FUND has organized and participated in.
Aviation Rulemaking Committee’s Final Report Brings Full-Scale UAS closer to Lift-Off
On March 10th, the Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) published its final report on UAS-BVLOS Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight), providing the c …
SPOTLIGHT vol.7:Robotic Skies
Drones have, time and time again, proven themselves to be force multipliers in countless industries and applications. As drone and UAS techn …


DRONE FUND invests in companies operating all across the drone space. From Hardware to software, core technology to integration.


The DRONE FUND team is comprised of professionals from across multiple industries and disciplines.


3-3-6 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo Takizawa Building, 3rd floor,