Drone Fund



Yoshichika Sakamoto

Since the year 2001, Sakatomo Yoshichika has been engaged in content development, service provision as well as business investment for smartphones. In the years following 2014, he has been aiming to construct an ecosystem by utilizing drones. His expertise and knowledge in this field is displayed through his establishment of the first major JUIDA school "Robotics academy" which he taught for the first three terms, smartphone application called DRONE STAR (developed by ORSO and EL), and a drone matching platform called drone market (developed by do inc., the joint venture between DJI JAPAN and ORSO.)
Currently, he partakes and plays many different roles in various organizations. These include serving as a director of do Inc., an active member of the DRONE FUND LP investment and advisory board, a member of the Project Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC, and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Tokyo Scool of Engineering. He specializes in safe navigation management, education, and business innovation with the use of software.