Drone Fund



Co-Founder Soki Ohmae

DRONE FUND Co-founder / Managing Partner, Professor of Digital Marketing at Business Breakthrough University, Founder and CEO of CREATIVE HOPE, Inc., Dronegrapher®

Soki Ohmae founded his first company, Creative Hope Co., Ltd. In 2002. Creative Hope Co., Ltd offers web consulting services ranging from one-stop solutions for web strategy planning to design, construction and operation of web sites, as well as more in-depth services including site and access analysis.

As a web consultant, Mr. Ohmae has collaborated with many national brands as well as international companies and organizations, helping them to develop top of the line web services.

In April 2009, Mr. Ohmae participated in the launch of the Access Analysis Council “Analytics Association (Formerly: Access Analysis Initiative)” and assumed the position of Deputy Representative.

In May 2016, He participated in the launch of Drone Emotion Co., Ltd.

In May 2017, Mr. Ohmae joined the DRONE FUND advisory board, and in 2018 joined DRONE FUND II full time as Co-Founder and Co-Ceo.

Mr. Ohmae currently acts as Co-CEO and Managing Director of DRONE FUND and as Professor of Digital Marketing at Business Breakthrough University.

Privately, Mr. Ohmae’s passion for drones began long ago. As an avid Photo- and Videographer, Mr. Ohmae quickly recognized the potential drones have in this space and began buying drones recreationally to take aerial photos and videos.

Mr. Ohmae continues to fly drones of all shapes and sizes in his free time. As a Dronegrapher®, he uses drones to capture most of his media content. His photos and videos can be found on his Vimeo page, Twitter as well as throughout the DRONE FUND website.