Drone Fund



Co-Founder Chiba Kotaro

Founder/Managing Partner of Drone Fund, Guest Professor at Keio University SFC, Investor

After graduating from the Department of Environmental Information, Keio University in 1997, worked for Recruit Co. Ltd. (now Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.), Cybird Co., Ltd. as a technology evangelist, and later at K. Laboratory (now KLab Inc.) as director. In 2009, he joined Colopl, Inc. and was appointed Executive Vice President; responsible for human resources, employment, and personnel sections. After Colopl was listed with the Mothers of the TSE in 2012, and with the 1st Section of the TSE in 2014, Mr. Chiba resigned in July 2016.

Having angel-invested in 55 start-ups and 34 venture capitals in domestic and overseas Internet and real-tech industries, Mr. Chiba founded Drone Fund in June 2017. He has a full commitment to creating new industries through the management of the entrepreneurial community “Chiba Dojo®” from both his own portfolio companies and Drone Fund’s ones. He also holds a guest professorship at Keio University SFC from April 2019.

In addition, Mr. Chiba shares with some friends of his a very first HondaJet Elite, which is the first domestic passenger aircraft after the WW2, since December 2018. He himself has been practicing to acquire pilot licenses every day, and is exploring the possibilities of general aviation and an “air mobility society”.

Guest Professor at Keio University SFC
Founder/Managing Partner of Drone Fund