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Chiba Dojo

Chiba Dojo is a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs with the purpose of aiding each other, under the agreement of non-disclosure, to create and drive overwhelming growth for their businesses and the drone market as a whole. The Dojo is also a major platform for entrepreneurs, supporting their growth through the semiannual ‘Chiba Dojo boot camp,’ and the monthly mentorship program in collaboration with Kazuhiro Obara, identifying and providing the support they need across boundaries.

The Chiba Dojo Camps are not limited to just the entrepreneurs of the Drone Fund family. Investors in DRONE FUND and LPs are welcome and encouraged to participate, in order to deepen their knowledge of the drone space as well as explore potential collaborative opportunities and partnerships.

This atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation encourages the growth of the DRONE FUND ecosystem and, by extension, the entire drone industry. Companies who offer specified solutions in one area of the drone space are given the opportunity to speak with and learn from those who operate in other areas, thus ensuring that the collective space grows together.